Jessie Ware Tells Us Where To Find The Perfect Hoops And More! [Video]

Before we say anything else, we need to tell you about something SUPER exciting happening TONIGHT. Jessie Ware, the British crooner responsible for such songs as "Wildest Moments" and "Sweet Talk," is playing MTV's Artist to Watch Live in New York City, and you can watch it via livestream right here on at 9 PM EST. It's going to be great, and you're going to absolutely fall in love with Jessie, if you haven't already, that is. We've been head over heels for her soulful sound AND her signature style ever since we first came across her calling her a rising style star last month for her love of crop tops and wearing pants on the red carpet. We're beyond excited for you to get a chance to get to know her too, which is why we sat her down and had a quick chat about some of her favorite style items, where she gets them, and who she's sweating sartorially.

You wouldn't know it to look at her, but girl has a VERY unexpected style icon. We don't want to ruin the surprise, but let's just say she has big ears and a boyfriend/husband/mousefriend named Mickey. COULD JESSIE WARE BE ANY CUTER? Watch the video below and you'll learn that the answer is, emphatically, YES.

MTV Style | Jessie Ware Talks Style Essentials