Justin Bieber 'Stan Swag': 'Believe' It Or Not, Cool Bieber Fan Merch Does Exist

Justin Bieber fan merch

All Justin Bieber everything.
Photo: Via Etsy/Max and Chloe/Society 6

Guys, Justin Bieber is growing up, and it's time we do, too. Most Beliebers are transitioning from tweens into twenty-somethings, meaning it's officially time to toss all that cheap mall merch from our younger years and trade it in for something way, WAY hipper. And, no, that doesn't mean we have to be more subtle about our obsession for the Biebs, it's just a fashion upgrade to our already undying love for the oh-so-smooth singer. Most people might scoff at the phrase "cool Justin Bieber merch," so get ready to school them with these totally awesome (and Justin-infused) pieces. First up, a "Believe" nameplate necklace ($132). Every girl needs a gold necklace in her life, and this homage to his album is a cool and clever way to show your Bieber fever. Plus, it legit will match everything in your wardrobe. (No, seriously, we wear a gold necklace every single day.)

You ain't a true Justin stan unless you know about "swaggy." His made-up word (which once was spelled "swaggie") is plastered on a black beanie ($22) for ALL to see, and we looove that. If you watched Justin Bieber host Saturday Night Live back in February (which, of course, you did), you might remember a sketch where he played a nerdy high-schooler who was proudly saving himself until marriage. One of his (many) hilarious character catch phrases was, "Don't do that thing until you get that ring," which has been etched onto an iPhone case (complete with an illustration of him in a sweater vest) for all eternity ($35). Since we can't personally cuddle up with the Biebs himself, we've got the next best thing—a pillow with his song title "As Long As You Love Me" written on it ($20). The artsy font floating over an orange sunset will look stellar on any couch or bed you throw it on, and no one will even know the difference. If you aren't shy (AT ALL) about your love for Justin, we recommend this "Love The Biebs" pullover ($24) to wear with, well, everything (duh)—extra kudos if you rock it with the gold chain and beanie. But what do you think—would you wear any of this Bieber stan swag? Let us know in the comments below!

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