Nicki Minaj Plans To Release Two More Fragrances, Explains Her More 'Relatable Look' On 'MTV First'

Nicki Minaj MTV First

Nicki Minaj on 'MTV First: Nicki Minaj.'
Photo: MTV

You might've watched the MTV First: Nicki Minaj sit down Tuesday right here on, but there's a chance you missed the oh-so-amazing fashion info she dropped in her tell-all interview. Like, we're talking may-juh fash news here, people—deets on her debut clothing line, upcoming fragrances (!!!), and her new, toned-down look that we've been obsessed with. She said, "Towards the end of last year I just wanted to have a more natural look, and that's what I was explaining to my team. I knew that I was about to start doing covers of magazines, and I wanted a more relatable look. I knew that I was about to launch a clothing line and I want women to know that I'm just a regular woman and I'm not some weirded-out character all the time."

She continued, "It felt like I took off this mask—it didn't feel like that to me—but to the world it's almost like, 'Oh, now we see the real her.' It was weird. I think people were under the assumption that I was wearing a lot of makeup because I was wearing pink blush and pink lips. In the ELLE shoot we definitely did hardly any makeup, but when people see me on Idol now for instance, I'm not wearing less makeup, I'm just wearing nude colors."

Nicki also explained that her Kmart clothing line will be dropping this fall, and that she's putting out two more fragrances this year. "Another limited edition is going to come out, and then another official perfume is coming out. When the Barbz see that bottle—gag century. It's going to be ca-razy." OMG, we cannot wait to see what's in store for Nicki's next scent! To get the full fashion and beauty deets straight from Nicki herself, be sure to check out the interviews below.


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