Demi Lovato Goes Without Makeup, Encourages Her Fans To Do The Same

Demi Lovato without makeup (and no, we didn't photoshop this AT ALL).
Photo: @ddlovato Twitter

Holy smokes, Demi Lovato. Ok we're not surprised, but Demi posted a photo of herself bare faced and presumably fresh out of bed this morning and she looks flawless. In a campaign she launched on Twitter this morning, the singer is encouraging her fans to go makeup and Instagram filter free today to show off their natural beauty, and to show them just how committed she is to supporting her Lovatics, she naturally took the plunge first. We want the number of Demi's dermatologist, because it's clear that she takes immaculate care of her skin. While it's too late for us--we already put on our makeup this morning, we LOVE that Demi is encouraging her fans to appreciate and share their natural beauty. It really is sad that a photo of a star without their face on, as they say, is even newsworthy, but these days it really is. And don't let that make you think we don't love makeup, we do, and we love playing around with it and trying new looks, but we also wish there was more room for women to just be themselves.

In the tweet, Demi says, "Ladies, be brave today...take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!! Followed by the aforementioned sans-makeup photo.

It never really occurred to us that Instagram filters were yet another way to cove up our natural beauty, but now that Demi has mentioned it, we realize that she's TOTALLY right. It looks like fans are getting the message, as well, as Demi has been retweeting their super cute makeup and filter free photos, and they're so cute. Are Demi and the Lovatics about to start a natural beauty revolution? We still love our lipstick, so probably not, but is she getting her fans to really think about beauty and how they present themselves? Definitely, and we LOVE her for that.

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