Shazam For Clothes Is ALMOST As Rad As You Think It Is

Hey Miley, where'd you get that jacket?
Photo: Getty

You didn't ask, but in case you're wondering what we dream about, there are a few things, and only one of them is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Another thing we definitely fantasize about is an app that would make it easier to identify the provenance of people's clothing. Can you imagine? You could be walking down the street, see the perfect whatever that you've been looking all over for walking by, and just creepily hold your phone up to the person and instantly have all the information about where their perfect whatever came from. Yeah, so, that might be awkward, but it would also be SO RAD (and totally easy for people who regularly take creepshots/secretly photograph dogs in sweaters on the train). We've become totally addicted to song recognition app Shazam for when we're out at a party and hear an amazing song we've never heard, and the possibility of being able to apply it to other facets of our lives sounds, frankly, too good to be true. Welp, we've got good judgement, because that whole fantasy? It's just that, but the upside is that the technology necessary to make it a reality MIGHT not be so far in the future.

According to The Guardian, Shazam is working with various UK media companies to bring their technology to television, so that viewers can hold their phones up while television programs are playing and get all kinds of info, from obviously soundtrack information to behind the scenes content and, most importantly for us, wardrobe credits and purchase information. This would all be done through a connection to the show audio, for now, but the company says that image recognition technology isn't too far away. We're not holding our breath for that day, but WON'T IT BE AMAZING?! The future, y'all, wow.

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