Predicting Macklemore's 2013 MTV Movie Awards Performance Outfit

HOMG, y'all. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are performing at our 2013 MTV Movie Awards!!! The Seattle-based duo joins our girl Selena Gomez on the Golden Popcorn performance roster, and we could NOT be more excited about it. Not just because we're stoked on all the excellent music action happening at an awards show dedicated to films, but because our stage lineup is extreeemely fashionable (as MTV Style we care deeply about this). We're light-headed and reeling from being sprung this announcement so early in the morning (it's early for us anyway), but that doesn't mean we're not still going to unpack Macklemore's tag-popping MC steez to predict what he'll wear when he takes the stage with his boy Ryan Lewis next weekend (Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET). Here we go!



Sleeveless shirts are a Macklemore performance staple.
Photo: Getty Images

The Look: A shirt without sleeves worn underneath everything else

The Percent Likelihood of Wear: 99.9999%

The Argument: There are many admirable things about Macklemore, but one of our favorites is his unflappable dedication to performance. The dude is high-octane, running on all cylinders, leaping and bounding and flailing his arms all over the place (purposefully) for song after song after song. He's always moving and never looks tired. With all that activity, he heats up quickly, so you can put money on him wearing some sort of sleeveless number at the base of any stage ensemble no matter the topper. We are (okay, I am) personally gunning for something like this Vancouver Grizzlies throwback basketball jersey but know full-well it'll most likely be a cotton tank.



Sometimes Macklemore goes for blanket vibes.
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The Look: A vest or button-up shirt bearing resemblance to a Southwestern woven blanket

The Percent Likelihood of Wear: 15%

The Argument: If you're into working yourself up to a sweat in front of a sea of on-lookers, you probably have some appreciation for warm weather and climates. That's actually a totally tangential segue from tank tops, but we're here now, aren't we? Gotcha! We don't know what the reasoning is or what the logic behind the times Macklemore decides to channel the Southwest (other than that time we were actually IN the Southwest with him), but it's a definite trend that we've noticed he's into. The lower percentage here is mostly due to him having already worn this steez for an MTV event.



John Wayne ain't got nothing on Macklemore's fringe game.
Photo: Getty Images

The Look: A jacket, usually leather or suede, adorned with fringe on the chest, sleeves, and/or back

The Percent Likelihood of Wear: 25%

The Argument: On a similar Southwestern tip, fringe is not a look relegated to cowboys in Macklemore's world. In fact, he's worn fringe several times before. He drops a line about his fringe game in "Thrift Shop" (spoiler alert: John Wayne ain't got nothin' on it). It's a kind of performance style hallmark for Macklemore, so we wouldn't be surprised to see him stunting in the swingy stuff come April 14.



Macklemore pops tags for thrifted fur.
Photo: Getty Images

The Look: A floor-sweeping coat, plushy with fur

The Percent Likelihood of Wear: 60%

The Argument: Perhaps this is a product of our own wishes, but we're pretty sure the head-to-toe fur situation is going to be the real outwear winner for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Movie Awards debut. It's the opening look for the "Thrift Shop" video. It's iconic and dramatic. It's April but indoor events can be chilly, and as we said before, he'll have a tank top on underneath. PLUS, if the duo's Jimmy Fallon performance is any indication, it looks great on TV.



The fringe and the fur at the same time.
Photo: Getty Images

The Look: Just... all of the things at once

The Percent Likelihood of Wear: ???

The Argument: This would be the unicorn of Macklemore stage outfits, but it would also be the most mind-blowingly rad, so... Based Dave Niehaus, hear our pleas and plant the seed?

Head over to to vote for your favorite flicks now! The 22nd annual MTV Movie Awards air live Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET.

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