Grimes, Rita Ora, And Iggy Azalea Push Fashion Boundaries On 'HUNGER' Magazine Covers

Grimes for'Hunger' magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Hunger'

You hear that? That sound is just the undeniable buzz that zips around the MTV Style HQ whenever one of our faves like Grimes, Rita Ora, or Iggy Azalea finds herself firmly planted upon some glossy prime real estate. But now that that all THREE emerging stars have landed themselves individual covers for HUNGER magazine, this buzzy feeling has morphed into a bonafide EXPLOSION that practically crackles right off of the screen. Publications are quickly learning that one way to sell issues like hotcakes (or, in this case, concert tickets) is to produce multiple covers and often with more than one star. So perhaps taking cues from Teen Vogue's success with all five of its One Direction covers, HUNGER upped the ante with seven different editions for Spring/Summer 2013, each featuring a different rising female artist. Yes, you read that! In addition to Grimes, Rita, and Iggy, Jessie J, A*M*E, Gabrielle Aplin, and Crystal Renn all landed smack dab on an issue and repping a style that's undeniably her own. Editor-in-chief Rankin handpicked each of the girls himself, explaining, “I had begun to notice a pattern emerging in film and fashion, but most notably in music; where people (most obviously, young women) were taking control of their creative lives and output in a way I hadn’t seen before,” he said. So the natural step was to put them on the cover of his magazine, and it's an awesome thing he did.

There's SO much to unpack in all of these looks, so let's get to it and kick things off with Grimes. Claire Boucher may prefer a dark color palette onstage, but nobody can deny the fact that she's sizzling up her cover in a cherry red pantsuit (who knew?) and fresh white Converse. Oh, and she's showing off her blue-streaked black locks in a seriously unexpected way— long and loose and totally gorgeous. We love how she's staying true to her bewitchingly dark aesthetic, but with a tousled tomboy edge.

Rita Ora for 'Hunger' magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Hunger'

Then there's Rita Ora, who continued the red thread running throughout the shoot in her satin pencil skirt and embellished eyewear. The girl can swing between haute couture gowns and sneakers at the blink of an eye, but reached a middle ground on her cover in this sultry secretary-inspired look. The singer dished on her friendship with Cara Delevingne to the mag, saying that the model is "the hottest chick in the world right now." Definitely NOT going to argue with that! Turns out Cara holds influence over Rita's onstage style, as well. The pop star notes, “When it comes to my look, my music and the videos I have 100 per cent control over it...If I make mistakes,have a little slip, I blame myself. But the Lycra clothes and the latex that you’ve seen me in this season, Cara (Delevingne) and I discussed them, and brought them into reality.” So does this mean that Cara had a say in Rita's latex and leather looks from this summer?

Iggy Azalea for 'Hunger' magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Hunger'

The only thing that comes ALMOST as close to the speed of Iggy Azalea's spitfire lyrics is her whipping ponytail, and her signature blonde 'do is front and center in the rapper's ladylike cover look. Sure, the waist-defining silhouette might conjure up some "ladies who lunch" vibes, but the frock's short cut is ALL Iggy. As her "Work" vid proves, she's not afraid to show a little leg...if you've got it, work it, right? And Iggy's definitely got it.

Whose HUNGER cover do you like the most? The Spring/Summer issue drops today, so see them all here and let us know!

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