Beyonce’s Official British ‘Vogue’ Cover Is Finally Out!

Beyonce’s actual British “Vogue” magazine cover.
Photo: British Vogue

Remember that time we hand-drew Beyonce’s leaked British Vogue cover? Welp, dropping right alongside a cryptic teaser goading fans to “#BeyHereNow” at 9 AM EDT tomorrow morning (sorry, wait, WHERE is it I should BEY??), the real thing is finally out now! Finally, we get to see the high resolution, full-size, real thing. We get to see Bey in all her baby blue (baby Blue?) striped crop top, sequin pencil skirt, Jonathan Saunders-clad glory. This is exciting to us on so many levels, but perhaps most uniquely to us is the reasoning that now we can check our work and see whether we got any of those guessed cover lines right!

Beyonce for British “Vogue” magazine.
Photo: British Vogue

Sure, we completely missed on “Fantasy Couture by Mario Testino,” but we got REALLY close on everything else, slipping up on only a word or two. We had hoped that British Vogue might see our version and decide that shrug emoticon should be edited into their final version, but unfortunately for us (and anyone else BEGGING for the day that little guy gets his coverline debut), it wasn’t. That’s OK, though, because along with the official cover, we also got a brand spankin’ new inside shot. It’s King Bey posing pantsless and serving broken-down doll in a pink Chanel waffle sweatshirt and black Nina Ricci bikini bottoms. What does the rest of the cover shoot hold in store? We’re not sure, but we’re giddy just knowing there will. be. outfit. changes.

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