Nicola Formichetti Leaves Mugler Possibly Landing At Diesel [UPDATED]

Nicola Formichetti's work with Mugler, Lady Gaga, and others.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Tumblr

Whoa. Big news in fashion as Nicola Formichetti parts ways with Mugler after two years as creative designer. According to the hot fashion goss, the Gaga collaborator and Kim K stylist may be landing at Diesel, in either a creative director capacity or for a "major collaboration." In any case, we've covered Nico's tenure at Mugler over the seasons and while I'm a huge fan of his fluid, elongated silhouettes and exoskeletons-in-outerspace aesthetic, it's his continued dedication to social-media stalking the exact the same musicians we do (ahem, Azealia Banks and G-Dragon) that keeps him on our radar. Plus, the new music that's debuted at his shows as a result of these Internet unions, ranging from Lady Gaga's "Government Hooker" at A/W 2011, to his collaboration with aforementioned K-pop star, G-Dragon, for A/W 2013 mens, is also major.

Regardless of whether or not Nicola does land at Diesel and whatever the speculation surrounding this abrupt departure, we're just not worried about the guy. Hell, we're admittedly maybe sort of excited (!) that he'll land with the Italian denim giant because the likelihood of our affording more of his clothes improves dramatically. Nicola will continue to work with Japanese megabrand Uniqlo and erect Nico Panda pop up stores the world over. Besides, his genuine curiosity of discovering new trends will only serve him as he casually zips between Asian and European markets like he's always done. While the dust settles before The Big Announcement, we're enjoying his Tumblr and IG, where he's uploaded his favorite Mugler moments over the years. We suggest you do the same.

UPDATE: News broke this morning that the rumors are true and Nicola will in fact be heading to Diesel. While we thought he would be named "Creative Director," his new title is, in fact "Artistic Director." V Magcaught up with Nicola and got the whole scoop, and it sounds like the partnership is going to work like a charm. “Basically Renzo approached me and said, ‘You remind me of myself when I was younger. I want to hand Diesel to you and I want you to make Diesel relevant for modern-day people.’ Coming from him it was like, Wow!” If anyone can revitalize the brand, it's Nicola, that's for sure.

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