Kristin Cavallari Talks Chinese Laundry Shoe Collection And Gives Sneak Peek At Fall Line [VIDEO]

Kristin Cavallari Chinese Laundry

Kristin Cavallari at her Chinese Laundry shoe preview in New York on March 20.
Photo: Getty Images

Ever since we peeped Kristin Cavallari's debut Chinese Laundry shoe collection last winter, we've been obsessed with her simply gorgeous platform pumps, embellished flats, and killer booties. Not only are her prices totally on point, but we could totally see sporting her shoes with everything in our wardrobe. (Like, literally her nude pumps would match every single ensemble we own.) Lucky for us, the ex-Hillsie is on the heels (heh) of releasing her spring line, and we got to talk to her ALL about it—in person—for all y'all to see.

We met up with K Cav in the Chinese Laundry showroom right here in New York wearing a super cute checkered peplum top, leather pencil skirt, side-parted waves and, of course, shoes from her collection. She dished on ALL things fashion and told us why she decided to partner with the brand, the inspiration behind some of her designs, and took us on a mini showroom tour to show us all her favorite pieces. She was even kind enough to give us a sneak peek of her fall goods (spoiler alert: it includes red suede booties!), which officially made our lives complete. I know, I know, it all sounds so UH-MAZING, so just go ahead and watch the video yourself! Once you're done, tell us which shoes you want to swipe up from K Cav's Chinese Laundry line in the comments below.


Kristin Cavallari's Chinese Laundry Showroom Visit | MTV Style

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