The Best Odd Future-Inspired Nail Art

Odd Future Nail Art

Photo: Via Pimp My Nails

Ever since we listened to a stream of Tyler, the Creator's new Wolf album last week, we cannot stop thinking about it. (I mean, Kanye West can't either.) To put it simply: We loved it. So much, in fact, that we wanted to celebrate the Odd Future frontman by finding the best nail art on the interwebs in his honor. Yeah, sure, it may not be Tyler's idea of the most fun way to celebrate his newest album release, but we couldn't help but notice all the killer nail designs dedicated to the OFWGKTA crew. We're particularly obsessed with this set featuring the iconic OF donuts, Shark Cat, upside-down crosses, box-cutter detailing and, of course, the words "Golf Wang." *claps*

We're guessing they used decals to get the logos so dead on here, but that doesn't mean the handiwork is any less amazing. She did teal and purple leopard tips, gradient pink, and smeared crosses with the "OF" and "Golf Wang" logos.

Mmm, this set is straight-up all about the donuts, which we (of course) love. Fun fact, did you know Tyler originally drew the donut logo when he was only 15? The more you know!

This Odd Future nail set features two upside-down crosses (love that tie-dye and studded one) and a pinky "Meow" nail with an eye inside the letter "O." If there's one thing we know about OFWGKTA, it's that they love cats.

This last design has the most variety of all—Shark Cats, crosses, and donuts galore. We're particularly loving the green ski mask that Tyler sports fairly often (see: a lot) and the "666" on the pinky. But, hey, if you're bummed out 'cause you can't do all these intricate designs, you can always swipe up these bad boys to show off your Odd Future dedication. (We can't guarantee you won't look like a stalker, though.)

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