Karl Lagerfeld Gives Lady Gaga Hand-Drawn Card For Her Birthday

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld with his hand-drawn birthday card for Lady Gaga.
Photo: Via @LadyGaga's Twitter

Ever since they first met back in 2011, Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld have been two peas in a pod, closerthanclose, and total BFFs. Some people might even go so far as to call them soul mates. After all, the elusive Chanel designer is a notoriously tough nut to crack, but if ANYONE can do it—and pick up an award and tons of haute couture dresses along the way—it's Mother Monster. Given their tight relationship, it's not that shocking that the Kaiser would give the pop star a shout-out for her 27th birthday last week. But instead of showering her in free clothes, he did something unexpected (to us, anyway) and sketched Gaga a handmade birthday card!

Gaga tweeted the pic of Karl and his card yesterday, and it's total cute overload, right? However, this was NO ordinary arts and crafts project. We're talking about Karl Lagerfeld here, he of those ice cream heels, Snoop Dogg music videos, and denim tube dresses. Obviously, this is a man who doesn't do things halfway. Nope, he drew her a portrait (top knot and sunglasses included) with a note on the front that reads, "Dear Lady Gaga, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love, Karl Lagerfeld." The designer seems to be staring at what he's written on the inside the card, making us seriously intrigued about the top-secret, super personal stuff he's shared with her here. What do you think it is?!

Rita Ora's custom Karl gown and accompanying sketch from last week was impressive enough, but Karl's just set the bar EVEN higher. If this awesome birthday gift is any indication, we've got a feeling 27 is going to be an epic year for Lady Gaga...

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