An Open Letter To Justin Bieber: Can You Please Start A Morning Hair Blog?

Justin Bieber shows us his morning hair.
Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber’s Instagram

Dear Justin Bieber,

Listen, man. We know you’re super busy on your Believe World Tour. And we know you’re going to be saddled up on that grind through the summer. We’re fully aware that your voice and your ability to perform are your livelihood, so you need all the free moments you can get to rest up and take care of those golden pipes and fancy feet. (Can we say you have fancy feet?) BUT BIEBS! (Can we call you Biebs?) Your HAIR is totally another huge part of your miraculous YouTube-to-international-superstar fame machine. You’ve since shed the 360-swoop “Bieber Hair” of your youth, but that hasn’t altered our fascination with your locks’ every windswept switch and product-aided kick-ball-change. That’s why we’re humbly asking you this teeny, tiny, truly infinitesimal favor: can you, like, start a morning hair Tumblr already, or what?

Another time, Justin Bieber woke up with peacock hair.
Photo: Courtesy of @justinbieber’s Instagram

Look, you clearly like documenting your hilarious bedhead. Probably as much as we like staying updated on it. So let’s just cut to the chase: claim a Tumblr URL (or Blogspot? WordPress? Whatever you prefer, my dude), sync it with your Instagram account and make this a regular thing! You can update it once a day, every day, right when you wake up. It’ll just become part of your routine. Hit the snooze button, wake up for real, brush your teeth, wash your face, post a new photo of your ridiculous morning peacock hair. Soon enough it’ll become second nature, and we’ll have one neat destination for whenever we want to look at it. Maybe it’ll reach meme status and shampoo brands will start hitting you up for ad space. Or better yet, commercials! Justin, this could be a lucrative business venture for you, and we’re just handing it over on a gilded interweb platter. No need to formally thank us. We’re just happy to reblog. But drop us the link whenever you get a few posts up and rolling, OK?


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