Yea, We Drew That Beyonce British 'Vogue' Cover


Seriously, British "Vogue," we need to know if this is real.
Photo: MTV/Gaby Wilson

Okay, so... Let me explain. Yesterday, a photo leaked (courtesy of Beylite's Instagram) of what LOOKS like a forthcoming issue of some international Vogue magazine with the always lovely Beyonce gracing the cover. Since last night was the UK premiere of Beyonce's Life Is But A Dream documentary and the May issue of British Vogue would hit newsstands right as King Bey's The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour rolled into town AND Beyonce is wearing an entire look ripped from Jonathan Saunders' Spring/Summer 2013 collection (the current season!), it seems a pretty educated guess by Beylite to pin this on the UK edition of the glossy global franchise. For followers of fashion and gigantic Beyonce Stans (uhhh, what has two thumbs and made that "Bow Down" single art her Facebook cover photo???*), this is MAJOR news. You also probably get that. What you DON'T get, however, is why we're posting about this with a hand-drawn version of the suspected cover.

We consider ourselves here at MTV Style a pretty scrupulous bunch, and leaked magazine images are murky territory for us. We've posted about leaks before (quite a few Beyonce ones actually), using other photos of the cover girl (or boy) as accompanying art. But we're a little tired of that. The main reason these magazine reveals are so exciting is because they give people something new. It's not that step-and-repeat shot that Celebrity X was at months ago but was taken at a generic enough event with good enough lighting that editorial property after editorial property repurposed it a bajillion times for a ton of different stories. You want to see a new mag cover because it's something you've NEVER seen before. That inherent newness is what you're seeking out, and since we can't actually show you that photo in our house, we CAN direct you to this peephole AND prime you for what you're about to see with a little illustration that's equally (we think) as fresh on your eyeballs as the real thing.

The thing about working on the interwebz, though, is that we don't always set pen to paper (but when we do, it's for Beyonce). Using physical writing implements is a bit foreign to us at this point, and while some things turned out decently, the Bey-face we tried to illustrate was an epic fail—thus the pasted-on photo visage. The MOST challenging aspect of recreating this Vogue cover, though, was that in the leaked image, hardly any of the cover lines were left intact. That meant, in order to fill them in, we either had to guess ("Pretty In Punk: How the stud stormed the catwalk") or make them up ("Fantasy Football? LOL JK"). With our luck, Beyonce will upload the official version of the cover to her Tumblr within minutes of this publishing. Or better yet, she'll have done it before this post even hits its stride, rendering it completely irrelevant. Until all that happens, though, enjoy our bizarro attempt at finding a loophole while it still makes sense!

*Me, duh.

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