Morgan Saylor, Kiernan Shipka And Sarah Hyland Are Adorable On The Cover Of 'ASOS' Magazine

Morgan Saylor, Kiernan Shipka, and Sarah Hyland on the cover of ASOS Magazine.
Photo: ASOS Magazine

Do they put something in the water now to make being a teenager less completely horrifying? It sure seems that way, especially if Kiernan Shipka, Morgan Saylor, and Sarah Hyland are any indication. The three young actresses have pivotal roles on television's biggest shows—Kiernan as Sally Draper on Mad Men, Morgan as Dana Brody on Homeland, and Sarah as Haley Dunphy on Modern Family—and are quickly cementing themselves as red carpet mainstays. The three are the cover stars of the latest edition of ASOS Magazine, and not only do they pose in some super adorable prom looks, but the three open up about their own prom experiences (or lack thereof). Before we get too far into what's inside the pages, though, let's ooh and aah over the overwhelming cuteness that is that cover. The three girls are styled effortlessly, in clean makeup, floral accessories, and dresses that reflect each of their individual styles. Morgan channels Lana Del Rey in a white lace shift and flower headband, Kiernan stays true to her preppy proclivities in a white a-line cocktail dress with a floral collar, and Sarah keeps it modern in a baby blue, semi-sheer frock.

Kiernan Shipka in ASOS Magazine.
Photo: ASOS

In the mag, each of the three girls is assigned a prom style that reflects their personal fashion proclivities, and we have to say, the people at ASOS were spot on. 13 year-old Kiernan Shipka hasn't been to prom, and laments that she may never get to go because she is home schooled (and, you know, a celebrity, no big), but nonetheless, her style of Teen Angel fits her to a T, and could actually be a good descriptor for her red carpet steeze as a whole. We hope that Kiernan gets to go to prom though! And so does she, saying "I really want to go-getting dressed up and going with someone you like..." We feel you, Kiernan, and we think you'll have plenty of chances to get dressed up and dance with boys, even if it's not at prom.

Sarah Hyland in ASOS Magazine.
Photo: ASOS Magazine

Sarah Hyland, on the other hand, did get to go to her senior prom. The 22 year-old actress was very resourceful when it came to her prom, as well as very lucky. "I found a Vera Wang dress for $99 on the clearance rack," she says, "I wanted something short and gold and had searched everywhere when I saw it. There was only one left and it was my size- it was like the heavens opened up!" Divine intervention or no, Sarah's ASOS prom look of homecoming queen sounds about right. Girly yet cool, a little bit sexy but still wholesome are all things that we would say to describe Hyland herself, and so it only follows that her prom style would reflect that.

Morgan Saylor in ASOS Magazine.
Photo: ASOS Magazine

18 year-old Morgan Saylor plays a brooding, troubled teenager on Homeland, and maybe being bad isn't too far off the mark. She doesn't go into the details, but Morgan reveals that she was grounded after her prom, having to head home after the dance rather than staying out with her friends. "I was the one who had organized everything," she laments, and we feel for her, but we wonder, what could the starlet have done to deserve such brutal punishment? We'll just have to wonder. The Indie Princess looks breezy in shift dresses that are definitely giving us some prom-spiration.

Are you the teen angel, the homecoming queen, or the indie princess? Tell us your favorite prom look in the comments!

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