Selena Gomez Wears The Blonds For 'Come & Get It' Single Art

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" single art.
Photo: Hollywood Records/Courtesy of Selena Gomez's Facebook

At the risk of sending everyone within a 50-yard interweb radius into full-blown Selena Gomez overload (LOL, as if that's a thing—GIMME MOARRRR), we're blasting you with yet another major morsel of Gomez-related news. This morning, MTV Style headquarters erupted with the HUGE announcement that Sel will be performing at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Since this will be the girl's first Movie Awards performance AND the first televised performance for her new single, we couldn't help but speculate about what the Spring Breakers star might hit the stage wearing for this milestone performance. While it's fun to guess, it's way more fun to know, and mere moments ago Miss Gomez ALSO bestowed the world with the final reveal of her "Come & Get It" single art, which could shed more light on how Selena's style will evolve for her return to music!

The Blonds

Selena Gomez wears this look from The Blonds' Fall 2012 collection in her "Come & Get It" single art.
Photo: Getty Images

First things first, she's wearing The Blonds. And not just any piece by The Blonds, she's wearing one of the brand's HALLMARKS: a jaw-droppingly embellished corset. We're not sure what else is going on with Selena's single art ensemble (kind of like how we never know if newscasters are actually wearing pants under their desks or not), but we DO know that this corset looks (and is) EXPENSIVE. Also, precariously sharp. The entirety of the look is flame-red, from The Blonds piece to her beaded and floral headdress, from her neat manicure to the wall of seashells set as the backdrop. The single art (quite literally) screams a newfound edge for Sel, and 100% does its job of making us that much more excited for her new music and MTV Movie Awards performance.

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