Nicki Minaj Wears Motorcycle Helmet, Visits ‘Elle’ Magazine Cover

Nicki Minaj visits her “Elle” magazine cover in a Pavilions.
Photo: Courtesy of @NickiMinaj’s Twitter

For Nicki Minaj’s latest display of “realness,” she’s rolled up to an undisclosed Pavilions in order to a pay a little visit to…herself! Nicki hit up the California supermarket to see her Elle magazine cover IRL. An occasion like this begs to be documented, and naturally, Miss Minaj not only snapped pictures of her grocery store expedition, she posted them to Twitter. Accompanied by the caption, “#SupermarketRealness #LeftmyHelmetOnRealness #vrrrrrooooommmm,” the double-shot of Nicki showcases the MC’s Elle makeunder preserved in plastic and her posing beside it in a cherry-and-florals motif motorcycle helmet. *holds a beat* Wait, what??

Nicki Minaj visits her “Elle” magazine cover in pink accented motorcycle gear.
Photo: Courtesy of @NickiMinaj’s Twitter

Nicki’s love of motorcycles and moto-steez is no new thing (See her “Whip It Like Minaj” perfume bottle outfit. Also, that ice bike she rode in “Superbass.”), but never have we seen it so practically and literally applied than in this instance right HURR. The Icon cherry motorcycle helmet isn’t just meant to protect Nicki from head trauma in the event of a nasty road accident on her Kawasaki, it’s ALSO helping to keep her incognito on her Pavilions adventure. Yes, people. When you’re best known for show-stopping, outrageous ensembles, the easiest way to fly under the radar is to pull on a pair of sweats and a classic leather jacket. In theory, it’s a thing that should work, but keep in mind what your reaction would be to a person wearing their motorcycle helmet indoors (and let’s not forget about the hot pink-soled rain boots she’s rocking on what appears to be a clear, sunny day). *shrugs*

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