Jessie Ware Is A Rising Style Star

Thanks to her soulful breakout singles like “Wildest Moments” and “Running,” by now everyone should be very well acquainted with the vocal powerhouse that is Jessie Ware (if not, get schooled here!). But something else that you should know about our latest Artist To Watch is that the London singer has an elegant style that perfectly complements her honey-smooth sound, and this is why we’re naming her our newest Rising Style Star.

Jessie Ware at the Brit Awards 2013, at the Brit Awards nomination announcement, and at the Mercury Prize Awards in 2012.
Photo: Getty Images

Proving that you don’t always have to OD on glitter or rock rainbow wigs to necessarily make a statement, Jessie sticks to low-key red carpet staples with a quiet power. One consistent thread running through many of her outfits over the past year is not-so-basic black, like that effortlessly cool crop top number by Miu Miu she sported to this year’s BRIT Awards. The bedazzled sleeves lend the outfit a touch of opulence, the flash of midriff gives it edge, and the long skirt keeps the look from swaying too far into belly dancer territory. Something else we’ve noticed: the 27-year-old tends to choose long, ankle-to-floor-skimming silhouettes, like the white floral embellished dress she wore to the BRIT Awards nominations and the sophisticated cut-out gown she rocked at the Mercury Prize Awards. There’s no denying that Jessie has impressively mastered the formal fash thing in record time, but when she’s NOT collecting prizes left and right (which is becoming rarer and rarer these days), chances are the singer has slipped into her off-duty uniform of tailored pants and classic blouses.

Jessie Ware at the Topshop runway show in 2012, at Miu Miu, and at Sirius XM radio.
Photo: Getty Images

Good news for everyone who hates wearing skirts: we’ve just found your new style icon. Jessie still manages to keep black trousers feeling fresh with key details like luxe fabrics, loads of prints, and leather panels up top. Just take her simple and chic outfit she wore to the Topshop show last year as total and absolute proof that even basics like black pants and an oversized cardigan can be Fashion Week-worthy, especially when paired with eye-popping pieces like a sheer top and turquoise pumps. Jessie upped the drama last year when she attended the Miu Miu show in October wearing a printed jacket, some sky-high heels, and a deep red leather carryall. The purse is clearly a Jessie Ware favorite, since we also spotted her sporting it with her leather-sleeved jacket when she visited Sirius XM several months ago. Bottom line: with her ladylike steez and mellow sensibility, Jessie’s a refreshing breath of fresh air in the sea of flashy stars. And the best part is, thanks to a new feature in VOGUE and world tour well underway, this is ONLY the beginning of her sartorial and musical stateside invasion.

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