Jaden & Willow Smith, Ke$ha Show Off Sibling Style At The 2013 Kids' Choice Awards

Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Louie Sebert and Ke$ha at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty

It was a family affair on the orange carpet at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards! Brother and sister duos like Ke$ha and Louie Sebert and Jaden and Willow Smith strolled together in sibling style.

When it comes to the Smiths, well ya can't really get much more sibling star power than the two of them (especially after we've already seen instances of their coordinating style- please say this will become a thing!?). Jaden kept it simple with an oversized black hoodie, pants and sneaks, really letting Willow shine. The budding fashion maven rocked a denim jacket, white textured frock, some well-loved Chanel boots and neon socks for a pop of color.

Ke$ha, who performed a rocking rendition of "C'Mon" during the show, arrived with her lil bro Louie. The two not only coordinated their outfits, but channeled the infamous shenanigans of Dumb and Dumber buddies Harry and Lloyd with powder blue and bright orange suits, coordinating canes included. We love the shoutout to the classic comedy, and how the two put a twist on the old school outfits. Ke$ha added silver stilettos and bedazzled sunglasses, while little Louie followed the lead with his own pair of patterned frames.

For the record, we're loving this brother-sister style trend. Can we just say, awwwwww?

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