The 'Complex' "40 Hottest Women In Tech" List Is Sexist But There's An Upside

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OK for those of you who don't know, Complex just published a list of "The 40 Hottest Women in Tech" and it's kind of a sh**show. In full disclosure, I used to work there and genuinely adore some folks who presently do but as eyerolly as I've been with "Hottest Asian Porn Stars" and "Hottest Republicans," I have to admit that I'm bummed out by this latest gallery. Like, I get it. They're traffic warlocks and people gotta do what they gotta do and I'm certainly not ruffled at the prospect of an SEO gambit that knocks the horrible article off the top slot in searches for "hot women in tech." I'm just disappointed that it wasn't at least backed-up by an otherwise awesome list championing the sincere gains made by women in a male-dominated industry. Check out this intro:

Technology has been a boy's club for most of its existence. Just another unfortunate repercussion of the patriarchy. But that's been slowly changing, and over the last decade we've seen a number of wonderful, intelligent, and cunning women make inspiring strides in the field of technology.

Promising, right? But then the gallery kicks off with Marina Orlova the host for YouTube channel HotForWords. In the portrait, she's wearing a seemingly painted on bra-sized vest with a tiny necktie and no shirt. She's cited as the "popular internet sensation" who now hosts a show on "Sirius Satellite Radio for Maxim." And then there's Sara Jean Underwood, formerly of G4TV's Attack of the Show. It seems the accomplishment that the 'Plex dudes felt most apt in calling out insofar as her contribution to the industry is that she went on to be a Playboy playmate. SAD. FACE.

In fact, there's a conspicuously disproportionate number of G4 hosts who qualify as "working in tech." Especially when you consider that a truly hot, truly relevant and impressive list of this nature could actually exist whether or not ranking people on the merits of their appearance is despicable. It's clear what the priorities are. In fact, why isn't Kate Upton on here for Cat Daddy-ing ON THE INTERNET.

The list's author, Luke Winkie, denounces the published version, backpedaling with the well-meaning but laughably unfortunate explanation that the original list he'd submitted contained "normal looking women."

But given the recent news of a female developer, Adria Richards, getting fired for calling out sexist dudes at a conference, it all seems poorly timed and in poor taste.

The upside to all of this of course is that there are EXCELLENT JOKES.

There's this hysterical Branch conversation and the snaps under the hashtag #hotwomen.

And these tweets are pretty frickin' golden as well.

You guys. The "terror broads." Just another one of those instances where one corner of the internet ruins your mood to have another patch brighten it entirely. S/O to IRL women in tech who also happen to be SMOKIN' HOT. You know who you are.

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