Converse Breaks Your Chucks In For You With 'Well Worn' Collection

Kristen Stewart likes her Chucks dirty.
Photo: Getty/Converse

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Converse's iconic Chuck Taylor All Star. There are people who like them pristine, typically in classic cream or black, with just the slightest hint of a scuff mark on their otherwise snow white exterior, and then there are people (like Kristen Stewart) who like them dirty. When I say dirty I'm not talkin' kickin' around the city, everyday wear and tear, either. I mean ripped to shreds and filthy, like, it takes time and work to mess up your sneaks this bad kinda grime. Since some of us don't have the time to drag our shoes across the pavement attached to the back of a taxi cab, getting the right level of filth can be hard for the busy dirty girl on the go. You know who understands? Converse does, and that's why they've just released the Well Worn collection.

Available in 16 colorways and priced between $65 and $100, the collection is a dirty Chucks lover's dream, with varying levels of cool-nastiness on each color. One of our favorite pairs are the pink washed canvas low tops ($100), which look like they were run through the washing machine before their dye was totally set. The shoes also come in the signature cream and black, as well as summer essential pattern the American flag, lookin' WAY worse for wear.

So we're curious, what side of the sneaker cleanliness fence are you on? Do you like to let your sneaks take on their own character as you traipse around town, to music festivals, and on whatever other adventures you might pursue, or is the sight of a clean pair of kicks hard for you to bear? Don't worry, this isn't a personality test or anything, we're genuinely curious! While we'll wear our Cons into the GROUND and be pretty into the their shredded, crusty look, there's also something to be said for a pair of crisp cream sneaks and some jean shorts on a summer day.

What're your thoughts on the Converse Well Worn collection?

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