Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens, And More Predict Summer's 'It' Hairstyle: Raver Pigtail Buns

Rita Ora, Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port

Rita Ora, Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, and Whitney Port wear their hair in raver pigtail buns.
Photo: Getty Images/Paper Magazine

All praise be to Rita Ora, Hayley Williams, Vanessa Hudgens and circa 2011 Whitney Port. This raver pigtail bun steez just might be the answer to all my summer hair woes. Maybe I'm too impatient. Maybe I'm not tonsorially dexterous. Maybe it's just my own bad luck, but MAN, trying to style my hair in the summer is a virtually impossible feat. Back me up if you feel me. You're hot, you sweat at the sight of a curling/flat iron, you're running around a bunch because your body's all hopped up on the vitamin D you were missing by hibernating all winter, and your hair. is. a. mess. Enter Raver Pigtail Buns™.

I mean, what's better than one bun? TWO BUNS. (We know this. We've all seen the AT&T commercials.) The hairstyle, sometimes referred to as "ox horns," is all the self-cooling of putting your hair up in a bun, but the key difference is that with TWO buns, you can trick people into thinking you actually thought about what you were doing with your hair. You can feign as though you put in some effort. Or err, y'know, maybe you did/will, and I can only pull out the aspects that appeal to all my deep-seated laziness. *shrugs* Either way, this hairstyle is a warm-weather boon and so, SO versatile.

There are a few ways your raver pigtail buns can go. You can make like Rita Ora, putting your hair up in two high, super-neat pigtails on either side of your head and twisting them around and around until they twist onto each other. Or you can opt for Hayley Williams' significantly less precise iteration with two messy buns piled high and wild. OR you can go the route of Vanessa Hudgens for Paper magazine (also seen in a similar method but styled much girlier on City alumna Whitney Port at Coachella two years ago), and just twirl those suckers around the base until the ends disappear.

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