RiFF RaFF x NEFF Collaboration Heading To PacSun


RiFF RaFF wearing his NEFF collab tank against a Spring Break postcard background.
Photo: Courtesy of @JodyHighRoller's Instagram

The RiFF RaFF collaboration t-shirt with NEFF may be totally sold out on KarmaLoop (where the partnered up piece enjoyed its run and exclusive limited edition release), but from the looks of this picture recently uploaded to the JODY HiGHROLLER's Instagram (and the PacSun Instagram with the confirmation assist!!!), this '80s-channeling NEFF graphic of the Mad Decent MC's mug will be getting another life on store shelves thanks to California-based retailer PacSun. Conveniently (more likely, strategically) in time for IRL Spring Break AND the nationwide theater release of the movie Spring Breakers.

Accompanied by an (almost) all-CAPS caption of, "RiFF RAFF NEFF SHiRTS WORLDWiDE AT PACSUN iN THE MALL STORES COMiNG SOON," the From G's To Gents alumn/inventor of the "tanicure" flexes his proverbial guns while actual guns (water ones) in a tank top version of the neon icon tee. Jody is repping his signature braids with beads on the ends, a squiggly lined facial hair situation, and the blue mirrored NEFF Brodie sunglasses. The colorful water guns, the Spring Break backdrop, the timing. It all smacks of response to James Franco, Harmony Korine and SB. Who wants to take bets on when RaFF will upload a vid of his own version of Alien's speech??

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