Mary-Kate And Ashley 'Stan Swag:' Be The Cute One With This Olsen Gear

MK&A stan swag? You got it, dude.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/Society6/Humans

Long before The Row, Elizabeth and James, and *those* $55,000 backpacks, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were just a pair of chubby-cheeked babies selected to play the joint role of Michelle Tanner on the '80s TBS sitcom Full House. Yep, these girls got their big break at the ripe age of 6 months—and unless you've been living under a rock for the past, oh, 26 years, we DON'T have to tell you about the pure superstar insanity that's happened to the Olsens since then. Dozens of movies, stacks of CDs (who could ever forget this?!), and enough MK&A branded merch to fill an entire '90s kid's closet...which, in my case, it totally did.

Diehard fan to the core, I would get into heated AIM arguments over the merits of Holiday In The Sun versus Our Lips Are Sealed, would ridicule my friends for not being able to tell the twins apart fast enough in Double, Double Toil and Trouble and fully admit to bringing in a photo from Passport to Paris to my hairdresser to get that flippy chin-length bob like Mary-Kate had (not the best look on my 12-year-old self, but whatever). It's not an exaggeration to say that the Olsens shaped my childhood, and I'm definitely not the only one still mildly obsessed years later. Although the girls aren't onscreen quite as much these days—they're busy winning CFDA awards—they're still fully in our pop culture consciousness with brilliant stuff like this. So if you've ever dreamed of being an Olsen (and honestly, who hasn't?) peep our awesome stan swag here. No shame.

Let's start with the most EPIC piece of all, this THUG LIFE Olsen twin sweatshirt. Printed with huge white lettering and a photo of the girls circa age 6, the amazingness here is pretty we're just gonna go ahead and give you the link to buy it on Etsy right now. Cool? Alright, moving on! If you're looking for a slightly more subtle approach to repping your Mary-Kate and Ashley fandom than wearing it literally across your chest, we suggest these handmade beaded friendship bracelets. Also from Etsy, one bracelet comes stamped with "You got" and the other with "It dude," so you and your BFF can show your love for the twins (not to mention, each other) with their famous tagline. Who wouldn't want that?! For your bedroom, check out this rad Olsen pillow courtesy of Society6. It's printed with an image of MK&A during their "homeless chic" days— the perfect contrast to the cherubic lil' face printed on these Etsy magnets. Finally, we have to talk about this P-I-Z-Z-A tank top from Humans. If you're truly a stan, you'll remember the line from their cinematic masterpiece, You're Invited To Mary-Kate And Ashley's Sleepover Party. So let's relive the song in all it's '90s glory, why don't we?

Now keep in mind that this is BY NO MEANS the only Olsen swag on the internet. But since the girls have procured a multimillion (billion?) dollar empire over the past two decades, we wanted to leave "official" merch out of the equation. After all, you probably already have that.

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