We Found A Spiked Hat To Match Those Spiked Leggings

Spiked Hat, Spiked Leggings

Daniel Palillo also has a spiked hat to match those spiked leggings.
Photo: Fatal/Nasty Gal

Hey, guys. Remember those spiked leggings we found at Nasty Gal and threw up a flag about back in June of last year? Welp, they're sold out. They've been sold out for ages. If you didn't want them, you can either stop reading this and twiddle your fingers with the browser tab open OR exit. It's your call. If you DID want them and sadly weren't able to procure them OR if you snagged a pair and need an accessory to take the look to the next level, I have great news for you. The designer mastermind behind those OG spiked leggings, Daniel Palillo, has taken those fabric-covered spikes and put them on a HAT!

If you fell in love with those shin peaks from Palillo's legging iteration, now you can fulfill those sartorial pangs by way of this $90 chapeau. It may even be a blessing in disguise because now you can turn the cap into a kind of signature as hats definitely invite more opportunities for repeat-wears than a pair of leggings. If you already copped the stegosaurus-reminiscent stem swaddlers (try saying that three times fast), this is still a huge update! Now, you can complete the look and dress up in (literal) head-to-toe SPIKES. It's a definite commitment, but maybe you're into that? We don't know! We're just making suggestions! Finally, if you don't/didn't/would never want to do any of this, then I would suggest...you pick up a hobby that isn't reading about things you don't like? Life is too short, nah mean?? *shrugs, waves bye*

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