Beyonce's 'Shape' Magazine Cover: Is The Belly Ring Back?


Beyonce on the cover of "Shape" magazine.
Photo: Shape/Beyonce's Website

Beyonce's Shape magazine cover has been around for over 24 hours now (which is an instant in real time but an ETERNITY in Internet time), but we were too busy splashing around in the release of brand-spanking new Bey music "Bow Down/I Been On" that we had to queue up our King Bey news. We're only human, guys—we can only fully absorb one thing at a time. Not only is Mrs. Carter serving summer-ready beach-bod in color-blocked swimwear (with sleeves!), she is WERQUING the no-makeup makeup look and full, windswept curls. She looks fresh, fit, and totally natural, and having endured a little more March snow in NYC last night (SERIOUSLY, WEATHER??), we're coveting all of the things about this photo and the rest of the cover shoot which follows in the mag's inside pages. Well, almost all of the things. There's just one aspect of this look that we have to wait a beat for: Beyonce's 2013 dangly belly ring.


Beyonce's belly ring on the cover of "Shape" magazine.
Photo: Shape/Beyonce's Tumblr

I'll let you catch your breath from the AGGRESSIVE close-up. *holds a beat* OKAY. Let's talk about this thing. Beyonce accessorizing her abdomen is most certainly not a new thing. It's a practice that extends back to her matchy-smatchy Destiny's Child days and has persisted into present-day via belly chains. So. Many. Belly chains. The belly ring, though, has remained a kind of private personal accessory, reserved for tropical vacations. Her navel itself has been pretty shielded from public view for years by way of high waists, strategically placed panels, and (of course) total abdomen coverage. But now, Beyonce and Shape are taking a stand, planting a flag in the ground for 2013 to be the belly ring's return to glory. It only makes sense. After the '90s revival has to come a resurgence for the aughts—an era of low-rise jeans, Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits, handkerchief tops, and... belly rings—right?? What do YOU think? Are Beyonce and Shape ushering in a bonafide comeback for the belly ring?

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