5 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj's 'Hello!' Beauty Interview: Cyndi Lauper Is Her Style Icon And More!

Nicki Minaj Beauty

Nicki Minaj's killer beauty game up close.
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We don't mean to be dramatic, but Nicki Minaj is straight-up dominating the beauty industry. She launched her second Pink Friday fragrance less than a year after it debuted and created a custom lip color for MAC—not to mention she WERKED it as the face of their Viva Glam campaign. Even though she's about to launch her first-ever fashion collection, we can't help but want to know all the teeny, tiny details about her beauty life. Luckily, British mag Hello! caught up with our favorite rapper to ask all our BURNING questions. And, yes, she even discussed the "clothing" she designed for her perfume bottles. Check out highlights from the interview below!

On her daily beauty regimen: "I never go to bed with my makeup on—ever. I drink tons of water and slather myself in cocoa butter. I have a dermatologist in LA who gave me some great advice; never use anything to wash my skin that contains alcohol or oil, and those rules really work for me. Before I would buy something from a store and I would either dry out or break out."

On her makeup routine: "I'm really into contouring to change the shape of my face. When it comes to putting on fake eyelashes, I use a little imagination, a lot of eyeliner, a steady hand and no fear! For me, more is more!"

On creating outfits for her Pink Friday perfume bottle: "For the Couture the designers took direct inspiration from my outfits, so there is a dark, sexy moment, a fun, pink moment and more of a fairytale, fantasy moment. It’s indicative of my personality; I like to change my hair, my clothes, my makeup a lot [...] I know my UK fans are getting the scent later, but now they get to pay dress up with it, and no one else does."

On her nails: "Right now I am wearing a lot of sparkly gel nail polish; for me they look good and last a really long time, which is great when I a traveling."

On her style and beauty icons: "Cyndi Lauper because she is the first person who used color in a way that made me feel excited. She used it on her face and hair, her clothes, her accessories. She would put different colored shapes and cut outs in her hair, and that made me want to explore the world. I remember thinking, 'I want to get to that part of the word where people dress like that and act like that.'"

{via Hello!}

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