Yoko Ono Provides 'Make-Up Tips For Men' In Her New Video

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono and a still from "Make-Up Tips For Men."
Photo: Getty/Opening Ceremony

In the words of John Lennon, "Ooooooh Yoko." Venerated, and, some would say, notorious conceptual artist Yoko Ono is up to her usual tricks once again, unleashing her signature evocative, intellectual, and frankly pretty wacky artistic vision unto the world with her partners-in-crime-as-of-late, Opening Ceremony. To complement her err, handsy menswear collection Yoko made a video tutorial providing a series of "Make-Up Tips For Men," which include, but are not limited to, "When you see a rainbow in the sky./Breathe it in/And make your room into a rainbow room." Listen up, boys.

She goes on to dish out more unicorny advice shot through with rainbows, but this is just the "Daytime Make-Up" section. The accompanying animation suggests that following this advice will leave you looking like a boyish, smiling person with a Lisa Frank skyscape running across their skin. Into it. "Evening Make-Up" is a little less light and more sparkle, with Yoko promising, "everything that sparkles will bring you a sparkling life./Sparkling eyes, sparkling belly button, sparkling legs." OBVIOUSLY that's exactly what we're all looking for in a man (HEYO!). The final section, "Dawn Make-Up," reveals the crux of the poem, which is actually quite sad and cynical.

Yoko is clearly making a statement about men, women, and the way they look at one another with her piece, just as she is with her OC line. The final lines of the poem, "He had a cheap smile you didn't like/so you'll never Make- up with him even if he tried," are a scathing critique of male/female relationships and of our preoccupation with aesthetics, just as the earlier insistence that looking at rainbows will provide you with something akin to make-up implies that fantastical, ethereal, and ultimately unrealistic things can be just the ticket to exterior beauty. We love the fact that Yoko created an artistic accompaniment to her line which was already so full of glaring talking points, though (no that wasn't a flashlight bra pun, or was it?).


What do you think of Yoko Ono's "Make-up Tips For Men?"

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