Let's Discuss Ryan Gosling's 'The Place Beyond The Pines' Metalhead Movie Wardrobe

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling goes metal for "The Place Beyond The Pines" movie wardrobe.
Photo: Focus Features

The honest truth is that we, the humble keyboard tappers here at MTV Style, will find literally ANY excuse to write about (and thereby ogle) Ryan Gosling. He repeat wears Burberry? That's totally a post. He custom-designs his leather jackets? Let's write about it. He broke up a fight in the middle of downtown Manhattan? But what's the style angle? Oh, he's wearing a tank top? Okay, do it up! The latest in Ryan-Gosling-wearing-clothes news is that MTV has received brand new exclusive photos of the dude's next upcoming film release The Place Beyond The Pines, and hooooooo boy, his movie wardrobe is definitely a new look for RyGos.

The photos, which came to MTV by way of an exclusive interview with the film's director Derek Cianfrance, also feature co-stars Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes, but Gosling, who plays a motorcycle stuntsman, is the main fashion attraction. Not only is the dude a bottle blonde for the film, but he also reps a wardrobe that consists almost exclusively of muscle tees. All the better to show off those (faux) tatted-up arms, AMIRITE?? *wink wink, nudge nudge, achem, wipes drool out of corners of mouth hoping no one saw* He pairs the shirts with slimmer fitting pants, each with a bit of an edge — ankles splattered with bleach on the left, a haphazard skull-and-cross-bones print on the right — and seldom accessorizes, save one pair of (promotional?) green-armed shades.

His Place Beyond The Pines wardrobe is a striking change of pace that is poised to hold iconic costume status, much like his Dick Tracy-esque looks for Gangster Squad and of course, the unforgettable satin scorpion jacket from Drive. Perhaps this red leather Pines jacket will be a close descendant in the annals of Ryan Gosling movie wardrobe history. It's hard to tell, though, whether Gos is so fateful as to land roles and characters with iconic looks or whether it's something about the way he carries an outfit that renders it into next-level legend status. One thing is for sure, he's come a long way from wearing pajama shirts to Cannes.


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