Angel Haze, Macklemore, And Karen O. Rock Fringe Jackets Onstage, Here's How To Get The Look

Angel Haze, Macklemore, and Karen O. sport fringe jackets.
Photo: Getty Images

As Macklemore so aptly put it in "Thrift Shop," "John Wayne ain't got nothing on my fringe game." It was true then, and the words are still ringing true now, thanks to the singer's TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY on-point fringe game from SXSW. That Southwest blanket vest-type thing he sported at the Woodies might have a permanent place in our hearts, but the brown fringe number he worked at the Perez Hilton party comes in as a close second, because duh, it's amazing. Paired with a classy polka dot button-up and some layered gold necklaces, the look is a sort of Western gentleman ensemble we can totally get behind. We know, we know...fringe jackets aren't exciting groundbreaking— a quick breeze through your local vintage store or a rundown of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey's recent music videos will tell you that. But what was old is clearly new again, and there's no better rep of that fact than Angel Haze, whose trimmed topper got a seriously modern edge at SXSW.

Between the leopard print motif, the green camo lining, AND the swinging brown leather fringe hanging from the sleeves, there's a lot going on here. But leave it to this girl to make it work with a huge smile, too. Perhaps she was taking subconscious sartorial cues from Karen O, who proved that more really is more back in January when she performed in a SEQUINED BEDAZZLED RED PANTSUIT dripping in fringe at Big Day Out in Australia. Seriously, this is an image forever implanted in our memories (in the best way possible), and we hope it never leaves.

Whether you're more into the classic look à la Macklmore, or an embellished version like Angel Haze or Karen O, the internet has MORE than enough fringe jackets to go around for everyone. Hit up Etsy if you're looking for basic brown (this one and this one are cute and affordable!), and Forever 21 just unveiled its own slightly more understated version as well. Brands like GoJane, Topshop and Urban Outfitters have got you covered on the decorated front with their crazy-cool takes on the trend. But then again, why not just take one from Macklemore and go thrifting? Hey, it worked for him...

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