Solange's 2013 SXSW Style


Solange kills SXSW festival style dead.
Photo: Courtesy of @devhynes' Instagram

OKAY: The views expressed in this blog post are not necessarily those reflected by Viacom and its affiliates or more than two members of MTV Style, but ERMEHGEERD The Best Dressed Person at SXSW according to me and my eyeballs has to be Solange. Festivals in March in Texas can be a horrorshow in terms of weather. Not only do you have to account Mercury-bustin', hot-ass afternoons but you have to sling a light layer and tote a more serious jacket because the temperature can vacillate something like thirty degrees on the same day. I went to college in Texas so I know this. Solange grew up in the Lone Star so she knows this. The difference between me and Solange is that I opted purely for function when I rammed a rando array of cotton shapes into my suitcase (I relied heavily on accessories which works but is admittedly a tad amateur) and she packed a keenly-edited melange of printed suits and vibrantly hued, shrunken, basics that looked exquisite and popped against the dusty landscape of shorts and tees. More importantly though, she looked elegant, effortless, and COMFORTABLE while she danced and sang her face off during the handful of appearances she had slated for the week.

The thing that makes Solange's festival wardrobe so major is that it's the perfect distillation of her personal style. That's the sign of true mastery. She looks this put together regardless of the context or the climate. Not only does she look FANTASTIC but she always looks appropriate. Peep the photo from collaborator Dev Hynes' Instagram, in a fitted, aqua, neoprene short-sleeved shell and neon orange short shorts. The thing that kills me is that she then opts for a CLEAR MM6 open toe bootie with a solid, shorter heel. Now this is a genius shoe that everyone desperately needs and here's why: This bugger doesn't compete with either of the two bold colors and doesn't weigh the abbreviated look down with an overly dark or complicated or geometric or strappy or whatever shoe. Plus, it lends the look a throwback '60s air that complements the hyper-saturated, bizarro-mod palette and silhouette. The magical aspect of this shoe, however, is that you can walk on unwieldy, garbage surfaces AND it's like tofu in that it will suck-up whatever vibe of your outfit that you want it to. You could play this shoe super 80s, or 90s or RIGHTTHISSECOND. And, hi, you can clean it with Windex. The shoe makes it an A++ whereas a matte, nude-or-similar platform sneaker would have lost points for the obviousness. Here, Solange seals the flawless deal with a bright, matte, orangey-red lip and pore-less, luminous skin and perfect natural, non-fussy, gorgeous hair.


Solange wears matchy ladylike suits for 2013 SXSW performances.
Photo: Getty Images

For her performance at Spin, Solange dressed tonally and exhibits her genius affinity for pattern play in light salmon, pink, sherbet with white and black accents dotted throughout in exacting, math-rocky intervals that anchors the pleasingly girlie color scheme. The fit of the short suit is also exceptional. It doesn't carry the sometimes irritatingly twee aspects of a romper while displaying everything awesome about a mini romper—her DYNAMITE LEGS. At Fader Fort, Solange opted for a resort-chic, banana-leaf printed suit. A collaboration between DJ Mia Moretti and Pencey, the sleek, tapered leg pantsuit and white billowing blouse was a visual oasis onstage as twilight settled on the East Austin venue but the BEST PART had to be how it looked as the singer performed. During "Losing You," Solange danced exuberantly with Dev and in time with the lights and all that foliage moved with her. A stacked lucite heel on a sand-colored sandal finished the look and she appeared breezy, cool and happy as the rest of us sweltered and marveled at how her baby hairs weren't trellising down her entire forehead because some of us stupidly wore a fitted hat that day. Uuuuuuugh. Solange >>>.

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