Madonna Takes A Stand By Dressing As A Boy Scout At The 2013 GLAAD Awards


Madonna at the 2013 GLAAD Awards.
Photo: Getty

Madonna has a few "axes to grind" with society, and she aired her grievances last night at the 2013 GLAAD Awards before presenting Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo award. However, her political commentary began before she stepped onto the GLAAD awards stage. It started when she got dressed to go to the event and slipped into a stylized, grown up-sized Boy Scouts of America uniform. Madonna wore the uniform as a form of protest, signaling her stance on the organization's notoriously homophobic beliefs.

Madonna is no stranger to using her style choices as a political act, but we're particularly jazzed about this most recent comment. In a hilarious but also insightful speech, Madge explained that she "wanted to be a boy scout, but they wouldn't let [her] join," and that she thinks they should "change their stupid rules." Madonna went on to say that in this day and age any kind of bigotry is unacceptable, but that it's still, unfortunately, rampant. Citing bullying, racism, homophobia, and in particular the persecution of Pussy Riot in Russia, the singer called for understanding and an end to fear, and frankly, we found her 10 minute-long speech, although parts of it were hilarious, very moving.

Madonna's take on the Boy Scout uniform was quite true to the real thing. Featuring knee length shorts, a hanker chief around the neck and a number of merit badges, Madge went for it. She accessorized with tights, a jaunty black hat and bright red lips, and we're totally into it.

What do you think of Madonna's politically charged red carpet look?


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