ZZ Ward Takes Us Vintage Shopping In Austin [Video]

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward takes MTV Style vintage shopping.
Photo: MTV

Thanks to the staggering volume of sartorially savvy New Yorkers, vintage shopping in the Big Apple isn't easy. That's why, whenever we go to a different city, we try to take advantage of the local second-hand fare. Austin is a visibly stylish place, but the attitude of the town is considerably more relaxed than NYC and its vampiric thirst for the dopest throwback fashions. That means not only is the shopping environment better, the selection is way less ravaged. Our Austin BFF ZZ Ward carries the same flame for vintage and just so happened to have a window of free-time during her SXSW performance schedule (okay, we asked her to carve it out for us), so we decided to hit up one of our favorite local shops: Prototype Vintage.

Thumbing through racks of metallic printed leggings, funky animal-covered blazers, and acid wash overalls, ZZ reveals her personal ties to vintage shopping. She reminisces about popping tags with her parents as a child, "My dad would look at records, and my mom would look at clothes and everything else." Similarly, her biggest draw to vintage shopping is the history that comes with it. "There's a lot of character in second-hand clothes," she says before revealing (or perhaps more fittingly, confirming) that her favorite vintage things to shop for are fedoras. "Those are the best ones to find," she explains, "because you don't know who was wearing them before you and what story was under that hat."

While she recognizes that she has a favorite article of clothing she gravitates toward while vintage shopping, ZZ firmly told us that she prefers to go into a shop with "no ultimate goal other than just having a good time," adding that the fun of shopping second-hand is never knowing what you're going to get. Watch it all go down for yourself in the video below!


MTV Style | Unstoppable Austin Adventures: Vintage Shopping With ZZ Ward

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