2013 SXSW And The Bucket Hat

Usher, Kid Cudi, ScHoolboy Q

If 2013 SXSW is any indication, the bucket hat will be even bigger this spring and summer.
Photo: Getty Images/Supreme

It's difficult to pinpoint when and who exactly started the late '80s/'90s bucket hat trend. Was it LL Cool J circa "Going Back to Cali" or Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts? Thanks (or no thanks) to sparse documentation of that initial rise of the fisherman's chapeau, the world may never know. One thing is for sure, though: the hat with the 360 brim is experiencing a major present-day comeback, and nothing has made that more abundantly clear than the stages of this year's SXSW music festival. Bucket hats of all shapes and sizes made their way onto last week's Austin stages by way of Usher, Kid Cudi, ScHoolboy Q (of COURSE), Joey Bada$$, IamSu, ScHoolboy Q again, Smoke DZA, and Prince SAMO.

It comes as no shock to see ScHoolboy Q working a bucket hat since he was one of the earliest adopters of the trend, seeming to have taken it up back in spring 2012 (when we first noticed the look bubbling back to life) and running with it so far as to make it a style signature. Frankly, it's almost more surprising that we were able to track down only two different hats on Q for the entire 5-day event. Also, that Earl Sweatshirt, one of the biggest proponents of the fisherman's cap look last year, completely abstained, opting for a Supreme 5-panel cap all week instead.

Some could argue that the bucket hat never truly left, having come in and out of relevance throughout the aughts, but this time around there is one very key difference. USHER, the smoothest of all smooth dudes, who came up during the height of the original trend but never really touched it, is only NOW wearing a bucket hat. And a leather one at that! That, my friends, is how you know this trend has reached next-level status for 2013. Funky prints and bold colors aren't cutting it anymore. The bucket hat is getting the luxe treatment. Does that mean the resurgence of that angora Kangol steez is right around the corner? (Psst, mop up your drool, LL. *wink*) Or will it be relegated to archival status in our throwback dEliA*s catalogs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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