ZZ Ward Talks Tour Essentials In Austin [Video]

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward tells MTV Style about her touring suitcase and closet.
Photo: MTV

I might be totally outting myself as a high-maintenance priss, but it's pretty hard for me to be away from my closet. And I'm not talking for a week-long trip to Austin. I mean, like, for a work-day. Suffice it to say, I'd probably never cut it as a touring musician with this attitude, but ZZ Ward handles the demand of narrowing down your options with grace. We caught up with her in the middle of her busy performance schedule to unlock her secrets to staying stylish when living out of your suitcase.

"I spend so much of my life packing," ZZ told us, "Packing my suitcase and unpacking my suitcase. I kind of live out of my toiletry bag." She's bouncing from city to city, room to room, at break-neck speed, so she often doesn't even unpack her toiletries because there's almost no point. On a similar tip, just before heading out on this tour, ZZ was moving out of her apartment. How did she reconcile the two kinds of packing? She just didn't!

Lucky for us, she brought all of her stuff onto the bus, giving us so much more tour wardrobe to rifle through. Highlights include a metallic silver leather jacket, the contrast lapel blazer from her very first music video "Put The Gun Down," sparkly stage tops, sweatshirts for down-time on the bus, and of course, fedoras (BTW we learned that she's designing a hat line!!!!). See it all go down for yourself in the video below!


MTV Style | Unstoppable Austin Adventures: ZZ Ward's Tour Essentials

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