Demi Lovato Or Ke$ha: Who Wore A Studded Cat Beanie Best?

Demi Lovato Ke$ha Cat Beanie

Demi Lovato and Ke$ha looove their cat ear beanies!
Photo: Via Demi Lovato's Twitter/Ke$ha's Instagram

We're just gonna go ahead and call it—cat ear beanies are officially a thing. We first spotted them on Dakota and Elle Fanning earlier this year, and then we caught Ke$ha going all-out cat lady in a studded beanie last month. Just yesterday, Demi Lovato also joined the cat ear clan by posting a picture of herself on Twitter sporting the oh-so-cute hat. Her black beanie featured studs across the top of the ears, and we instantly knew that it looked the same as Ke$ha's topper from before. We did some super investigative journalism (aka a Google search) and found out where you can cop a similar cap for yourself! (Psst, you're welcome.)

As it turns out, Demi's hat is actually from Topshop (duh), and you can swipe it up for $28 right this second! If you're steadfast on sticking with black, we also recommend this gold studded beanie from 2020Ave ($12). Come to think of it, we might need to hop on this trend ASAP because 1.) We love cats, and 2.) This will match literally everything in our wardrobe. This cute-yet-badass topped could instantly transform any of our ensembles in a snap! But y'all better hurry and snatch one up before spring is officially here!

Tell us, would you ever try the studded cat ear beanie trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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