ZZ Ward Talks Music, Makeup, And Life On The Road In Austin [Video]

ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward chats with MTV Style in Austin about music, makeup, and life on the road.
Photo: MTV

Look, we know you're hard-pressed on knowing the ins and outs of which pulled pork sandwiches we're noshing on and which pedicabs don't charge extra for hills, but there are real music-meets-fashion moments happening around us, too. Bluesy singer-songwriter ZZ Ward carved some choice time out of her busy Austin schedule to chat about her life on the road, giving us the run-down of it all from what it's like bouncing from city to city to her traveling tips and tricks. Her dad played in his own band as ZZ was growing up, which afforded her with the opportunity to learn from his experiences before ever even making her own. Still, even with that bit of familiarity, coming to Austin's biggest music festival to play show after show after show for several days can be as manic as it is exhilarating.

Since this marks ZZ's second time at the proverbial rodeo, she's had enough time and experience to start cobbling together some precursory style and beauty staples for on-the-road living. We caught up with her in her Austin hotel room to chat about all of the above. We learned that glitter can sometimes make a bad early morning just a little bit sweeter and that lip stains are where it's at (versus sticks or glosses) if you're a devoted harmonica player like ZZ. She shows off her favorite hair oil (which she doubles as perfume), her favorite Olay fresh effects products, and the gummy vitamins she takes to stay healthy on the road. Watch it all go down for yourself in our video interview with ZZ Ward below!


MTV Style | Unstoppable Austin Adventures: ZZ Ward Talks Life On The Road

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