Justin Timberlake 'Stan Swag': Bring The 'SexyBack' With This Unexpected JT Merch

No boring concert tees for us.
Photo: Etsy

Justin Timberlake has been on my mind a lot. Sure, it's because we've been chronicling his "Suit & Tie" steeze and waiting not-so-patiently for The 20/20 Experience to drop, but let's be real, I (and I think I can speak for the rest of MTV Style when I say this) never really stopped thinking about JT, since all the way back in his N'SYNC days. Those frosted tips will forever hold a place in our 12-year-old hearts. In fact, I asked my best friend, whose bedroom wall was a veritable shrine to mid-to-late '90s teeny-boppers, whether she had a photo of JT up there (I could only specifically remember a giant picture of Paul Walker), and she replied with an unprintable, all caps portmanteau that I can't repeat here but involved "absolutely" and another, less polite word. Always the hunkiest of the boy band members, Justin was everyone's pre-teen fantasy boyfriend, and he hasn't really fallen out of favor as we've all grown up. While we may no longer decorate our bedroom walls with pictures of hot celebrities (I mean, I don't, but more power to you if you still do), there's something to be said about being a fan and showing it. Maybe a normal person would wait until Justin and Jay-Z come to their city and buy a concert tee, but that's so totally boring when the internet has a whole host of more creative ways you can show off your stan status.

You might still have some vintage N'SYNC tees floating around your wardrobe from back in the day, so if you're a real stan you're probably going to be looking for something a little more unique. Where to find such a thing? Etsy, duh. The DIY and vintage e-retailer is a veritable treasure trove of crazy fan merch, and it did not disappoint when I enthusiastically searched "Justin Timberlake." To combat the T-shirt blues, Etsy shop Live Free Or Tour is offering up the studded pink Justin Timberlake vest ($30). Yeah, that's right. You heard me. Fashioned out of a size small Levi's denim jacket with the sleeves removed, the vest is dyed hot pink ombre and features promotional artwork from the Futuresex/LoveSounds era. This is an item for a JT stan who's a little bit pop and a little bit rock 'n' roll.

If fan gear isn't so much your steez, fret not, because wall decor comes in a lot of other iterations than just pages ripped from Tiger Beat. There are a surprising number of options if a JT wall clock strikes your fancy. Asgardshirts offers a JT wall clock featuring artwork from JT's movie New In Time ($28.99), that you can also get in the form of a frisbee golf disc. Now, I don't actually know how one plays frisbee golf or what a frisbee golf disc looks like [ed note: What?! Frisbee golf was HUGE in the Midwest!], but yeah! Go for it! Maybe you were ALSO obsessed with Madonna as a youth like I was (OB. SESS. ED. but more on that another time), and remember the Madge/JT collabo, "4 Minutes?" Well, you will forever be getting it stuck in your head and showing off your super specific fan swag with this clock made from a recycled 12" Picture Disc (£19.99) featuring a promotional image from the single release. Also, for your updated teenage bedroom wall shrine, Etsy artist April Hedgspeth makes hand drawn portraits of Justin ($37.99), where his likeness is fashioned entirely out of his name, repeated over and over again. Intense, huh? You can also commission a custom portrait, where his face will be made of song lyrics or a title. Finally, if you want to show off your swag only once in awhile, there are a couple of options, like this I heart Justin ring (£4.50). Or, if you want to still go the housewares route but don't want to commit to a shrine, you can show off your swag with a hand painted JT wineglass. You're welcome.

How do you show off your Justin Timberlake stan swag?

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