Aussie Band San Cisco Talks Tour Essentials And Performing Barefoot In Interview [Video]

San Cisco

San Cisco.
Photo: Courtesy of San Ciscos

We usually try to avoid all sorts of uncomfortable situations, but leave it to Aussie foursome San Cisco's breakout single "Awkward" to prove a KEY exception to our tried-and-true rule. While the title may conjure up all sorts of memories you'd rather forget, this track is an indie pop gem, filled with happy-go-lucky beats, a singalong chorus, and a sunny vibe that makes even the most cringeworthy moments seem not so bad. The band has an equally great onstage style, with the boys opting for printed button-downs and tees and drummer Scarlett (the only girl!) rocking out in dresses and bare feet. The quartet is currently on the road across the U.S., but made a pit stop at MTV, where we quizzed 'em them about their tour must-haves, the differences between Australian and American style, and their secret to staying comfy onstage.


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