Taylor Swift Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Her Diet Coke Commercials

Taylor Swift in her Diet Coke commercial.
Photo: Entertainment Tonight/Diet Coke

We never thought we would hear Taylor Swift talking about aging gracefully, or at least not yet. But that's exactly what she talks about in Entertainment Tonight's behind the scenes interview on the set of her brand new Diet Coke commercial. She's not talking about wearing long sleeves and remembering to moisturize your neck, however. Taylor is talking about her personal style. We've actually been wondering, as of late, if Taylor has been taking more fashion risks, and it seems that she has, but for no reason other than the fact that she's a grown up lady now, and such things are appropriate. "In my life I've just tried to be the age that I am," Swift says, "so being 23, it's fun to play with your style, it's fun to kind of edge it up once in awhile." She goes on to joke about people saying she's being edgy by wearing shorts for a performance, laughing, "I'm wearing more clothes than anyone here!" We get it though, Tay, you want to try new looks, see what works (which could pretty much be the definition of being in your early 20s). Her new Diet Coke commercials show her playing around just that way, dressed up in everything from a red ball gown to a super tight, silver mini dress, with every other look along the way. We can't wait to see the full commercial, but in the meantime, watch the behind the scenes video after the jump!

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