Behold, The Google x Adidas Talking Shoe

Google adidas talking shoe

The Google x adidas "Talking Shoe" in action.
Photo: Via ArtCopyCode

Between Google Glass on the runway, designer smartphones as the norm, and model cams during Fashion Week, there's absolutely NO question that fashion is on a fast-track to Techsville these days. But despite all these crazy-cool innovations, the latest project in the pipe just might be the wildest one yet. Google and adidas have joined forces on a new sneaker that, thanks to some super slick features, is capable of turning into a smart-talking shoe with a major personality. Sure, the futuristic concept might SOUND all Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and whatnot, but it's actually way simpler than you'd think. Here's the lowdown: the aptly-named Talking Shoe seems like regular 3-stripe adidas at first glance, but once you look closer you'll see that there's speaker connected to the tongue that's capable of speaking 250 a highly dignified British accent, we might add.

The Talking Shoe can be snarky ("This is super boring"), motivational ("Call 911 because you're on fire!") and excited ("I love the feeling of the wind in my laces") depending on your movement that day. Oh, and if you feel like sharing your status with your entire Facebook or Google+ feed, the Bluetooth connection makes it totally possible through your phone— although we're not sure if all of our friends would need to know when our shoe is getting mad at us for skipping a run in favor of laying on the couch. While these high-tech sneaks aren't available to buy, that doesn't make the kicks any less mindblowing.

So what do you think?! Is this the future of sneakers? Are you into your clothes having a mind of its own? Watch The Talking Shoe video here, and let us know in the comments!

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