Demi Lovato's Close Connection To Topshop Explained In 'The New York Times'

Demi Lovato at the Los Angeles Topshop grand opening.
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We're not big conspiracy theorists around here. I mean, we love a good mystery, but we're not pinning newspaper clippings to bulletin boards or wearing t-shirts that say "The Truth is Out There," or anything. We do, however, love to sniff out a scoop, and so when we see something happening with one of our favorite girls that just seems too calculated to be a coincidence, we put on our Sherlock Holmes hat and go looking for answers. We first started noticing that Demi Lovato was fond of Topshop when we identified her X-Factor look as being entirely available for purchase from the retailer. Obviously we thought that was AWESOME, and didn't really think that much more of it, until we started to realize that it wasn't just a one time thing: ALL of Demi's X-Factor looks were from Topshop. Seems like it has to be more than just a coincidence right? I mean, we totally tend to buy large quantities of our wardrobes from the same places, but we know how much designers must want to be showcased on the carpet by a star like Demi. We've been sniffing around this story for months as a result, and FINALLY caught a break, or rather, The New York Times caught it for us (thanks, y'all!). Turns out, Demi's stylist Soulmaz Vosough is also Topshop's global head of personal shopping, which sounds like a pretty fancy title, if you ask us. So, how did Demi get the ultimate insider hook up? We've got the deets for you after the jump!

While you would think that a partnership of this sort, where a major star wears gear from pretty much one designer all the time, would take place behind closed doors, with many contracts signed and deals inked, that doesn't seem to be the case here. That may have happened unofficially, but according to the paper of record, Demi's connection with Topshop began with a much simpler, more every day interaction. Demi was shopping in the London flagship when she connected with Topshop's owner, Sir Philip Green. “We walked around the store chitchatting,” Sir Philip told the times, adding, “I thought she was a sweetie.” Nice, right?! From there, Topshop hooked Demi up with a stylist, and the singer worked with the retailer to develop her now signature style. While there isn't any info on whether Demi and Topshop are going to be inking a traditional endorsement deal anytime soon, it seems fair to assume that the connection between the star and her favorite store is going to keep on going strong.

What do you think about Demi Lovato's relationship with Topshop?

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