Is This Harry Styles' Butterfly Tattoo?

Harry Styles

Harry Styles inks himself with a new butterfly chest tattoo.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of @harrystyles' Instagram

I guess we haven't seen Harry Styles shirtless since whenever One Direction filmed their "Kiss You" music video, but the dude reportedly got inked up with this butterfly ab tattoo in January. We say "reportedly" because we've only seen this photo Harry posted to Instagram without comment or a glimpse of his signature mop top, BUT Celebuzz managed to snag a pic of a wider shot of the same image from the tattoo artist Lyam Sparkes’ Flickr page (before he deleted it) with unmistakably Harry details.

Much like Rihanna's Isis tattoo, Harry's insect ink sits with wings out-stretched across his abs and diaphragm. Pan over to the right side of the photo (Harry's left arm) and you'll see the solid black heart and that infamous ship tattoo Styles got inked with momentary fling Taylor Swift. Directioners, do you think this ink is Harry's? And more importantly, what could the butterfly mean? Our money's on it being a Mariah Carey tribute. Not really, but we'd really love if it were.

{via Celebuzz}

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