Flint And Tinder USA's "10-Year Hoodie" Breaks Kickstarter Records

What makes the 10-Year Hoodie so special.
Photo: Flint And Tinder USA

"Buy less, but get more." Sounds great, right? But when you think about the way that a lot of us shop these days, not a whole lot of people are adhering to that way of thinking these days. Jake Bronstein, founder of Flint And Tinder USA, is trying to change the way that many people think about clothing, and it turns out, people are REALLY listening. Jake started a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness about "planned obsolescence," and to sell the product that he created to fight it, called "The 10-Year Hoodie." So, first off, what's planned obsolescence? Think about it from the point of view of a manufacturer: if you make a product that lasts a person forever, or that lasts them a really long time even, they're probably not going to come back and buy another one before their first one has worn out. So instead of making products that last a really, really long time, which wouldn't be all that hard, manufacturers intentionally leave some things a little undone, making the product wear out faster. Of course every piece of clothing wears out on its own and you can't expect it to last forever, but intentionally giving items an expiration date so consumers are forced to come back and buy more? Kinda shady. Flint And Tinder decided to start with something super basic and pretty unglamorous, the zip-up hoodie, and make it last 10-years, at least. But not only is the sweatshirt really well made and without any intentional shortcomings, it comes with free mending, so if it shouldn't last the promised 10 years, the company will fix it for you. Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the fact that Flint and Tinder started their campaign on Kickstarter, and within hours had met their funding goal. Now, with 41 days still left on the campaign, they've raised $304,893. Crazy, huh?

This isn't an entirely new concept. Many luxury retailers have been offering mending and warranties for years, but the thing is that with those purchases you really feel like you're getting what you paid for. If someone sells me a $1,000 purse I would hope it wouldn't fall apart too, I mean jeeze. However, Flint And Tinder are approaching another side of fashion with their plan. With the hoodies priced at $89, this isn't exactly "fast fashion" but it isn't ultra pricey either. With over 2000 people backing the project at a level that gets them a sweatshirt (and 500 people wanting two), it hardly needs to be said that this is an idea people are into, and with good reason. Not to get on our own soapbox, but if we all started buying clothing that would last longer the environmental and human rights impact would be enormous. Did we mention that these hoodies are made right here in the US? Yeah. Watch Flint And Tinder's Kickstarter video below!

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