'Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family' Poses The Question 'What Would Kanye Wear?'

Mac Miller

A still from "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family."
Photo: MTV

On this week's Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family, Mac Miller and his boys venture out on the high seas for a group fishing trip, thus fulfilling one of our favorite oddities of celebrity culture: famous people doing totally regular things. Before the full episode premieres tomorrow night at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, we have a sneak peek of Mac and his crew hitting up California's Fishermen's Spot for their boating duds. Personally, we're pretty into the whitewater crewneck Miller is already wearing, but we'll also never turn down an excuse to go shopping. As the dudes rifle through rip-stop ponchos and utility vest with thousands of pockets for baits and tackles, Mac Miller poses a question we often ask ourselves: What would Kanye wear?

"Ask yourself, 'If Kanye were fishing, what would Kanye put on?'" Mac goads, gesturing at an abrasively yellow rain slicker, "Would Kanye fish in that? It's a little too bright." The consensus is that Yeezy would probably never let anyone in G.O.O.D. Music step out of the house in that. "What would the people in G.O.O.D. Music wear?" Mac attempts to problem-solve, "They would wear camo. They would wear black. They would wear LEATHER." See what they found in both the clip below and the full ep tomorrow night on MTV2. And remember: #WWKW

Don't miss episodes of Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family Tuesday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2.


Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family: What Would Kanye Wear

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