Emma Watson And Her 'The Bling Ring' Castmates Redefine "Going Shopping" In New Teaser

Emma Watson and her castmates shooting The Bling Ring.
Photo: Splash

Emma Watson makes an excellent ringleader. I don't know about in real life, but in the movies at least, our girl Emma excels at playing characters with that electric combination of gumption and sweetness that makes her both the best friend and the girl everyone falls in love with. This seems to be the case for her character in the Sofia Coppola-directed Hollywood heist movie The Bling Ring, which comes out June 14th, although we suspect she might be coming up a touch short with regards to the sweetness part. In the film, Emma plays the ringleader of a group of teenagers who are running around the more tony parts of Los Angeles ransacking celebrities homes, like adolescent cat burglars caught on high-end security cameras. This might sound a lot like another teens-turned-to-crime film that's been on our minds lately, but unlike that other movie, The Bling Ring is based on a true story, and one that happened not too long ago. In the teaser, which opens with one of the girls smilingly suggesting, "let's go shopping," shows the kids pillaging a fancy closet of its coats, jewels, and lacy underthings, and then going on to do all kinds of wreckless bad kid stuff, from dirty dancing in the club to wearing sunglasses inside. There's also the suggestion of some REALLY bad stuff, with guns and tears and police, but the trailer doesn't give much away. Don't take our word for it, though, watch after the jump!

The ladies and gentlemen of the film are, as you could expect from kids shopping in the closets of the rich and famous, extremely well heeled. The film appears to be styled impeccably, with the characters looking like they're dressed as close to the nines as a group of teenagers can, with that entirely recognizable Los Angeles "look at me" vibe. We're also super into the fact that Emma Watson applies lipgloss into her computer camera, because that's totally how we apply our own lipstick a lot of the time. Of course we couldn't talk about this teaser without talking about its soundtrack! Featuring the official theme music for getting into trouble, Sleigh Bells, the teaser makes us wonder if we should be looking forward to the soundtrack for The Bling Ring as much as anything else.

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