Ryan Gosling 'Stan Swag:' Hey Girl, Let Your Inner Stalker Out

Ryan Gosling Merch

Must. Have. Ryan. Gosling. Everything.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/Human/Society 6

Hi, friends! We're starting a weekly feature where we unleash our inner obsession for ALL to see. It's called "Stan Swag," and it works like this: We pick a celebrity/band/TV show/movie that we're OB-SESSED with, and we scour the internets to find the most amazing (or creepy!) merch to show off our true stan (stalker + fan = stan) side. Because, hey, there's nothing wrong with showing a heck of a lot of affection toward someone we've never met (and may never actually meet), right? Right.

We don't know a single girl that doesn't like Ryan Gosling. Heck, even most dudes can get behind Ryan's effortless street style, piercing blue eyes, and downright adorable sense of humor. Like, do we even need to explain this? Just look at this photo. LOOK AT IT. *convulses* There are no words. ANYWAY, hai, we're obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and we're ready to share it with the world. But let's face it, we are SO over the traditional movie poster tees or boring mugs, so we found some super cool pieces that'll show off your (and our) fandom in the freshest way possible. Disclaimer: Wearing these all at once may make you look like a crazy person. Ease into it, y'all. Nice 'n slow.

First off, you're gonna need a shirt. We like this Human "Ryan Gosling Is My Boyfriend" tank ($24) because, well, it gets right to the point. It could be awkward if you ACTUALLY ran into Ryan Gosling, though, because he might be kinda confused/mortified that you're claiming him when he doesn't actually KNOW you, but there's always a .02% chance he'll be like, "Oh, I'm your boyfriend? OK, cool," and then you'll start dating and then you get married and then you have baby Goslings and then everybody gets jealous and hates you. (Good luck with that.) Another option is going head-to-head with Ryan by sporting earrings with his face on it ($8). At least they'll match everything? We also like this artsy (and eco-friendly!) canvas tote ($35) because, I mean, what's better than one Ryan? Two Ryans, duh. If you want something a bit more discreet, this Ryan Gosling Polaroid key chain ($4) should do the trick. (Warning: Use discretion when taking someone back to your apartment. We don't need to explain this any further.) And finally, one of our favorite pieces—the "Hey Girl" iPhone case ($35) is a solid winner. It'll be hard to not smile every time you whip out your phone with Ryan's cute lil' face on it. Plus, when you're chatting on the phone, it'll look like he's talking right back to you. Win-win.


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