Peter Vack Stars In James Franco's New 7 For All Mankind Campaign

Peter Vack in 7 For All Mankind's "A Beautiful Odyssey."
Photo: Courtesy of 7 For All Mankind

Have you guys been suffering from I Just Want My Pants Back withdrawals as much as we have? Yeah, it's rough. But we've got good news, because Jason— sorry, Peter Vack— has returned to the small screen! Well, kind of. The actor is the star of 7 For All Mankind's Spring 2013 campaign video, "A Beautiful Odyssey," which debuted yesterday online. Photographed and directed by the one and only James Franco and co-starring former hockey pro Sean Avery, the mini film is a choose-your-own-adventure story that's stocked with some soap opera-worthy scandal. Expect a botched wedding, a love triangle, and some hot and steamy moments (plus cute clothes, of course), and the best part is, YOU get to choose what happens. Intrigued? Find out more below!

Peter Vack in 7 For All Mankind's "A Beautiful Odyssey."
Photo: Via 7 For All Mankind's Facebook

Every couple of weeks they'll be rolling out new eps on the 7 For All Mankind Facebook page, where fans can vote to pick what happens next. Poisonous Jealousy? Wedding Day Fears? Her Dark, Secret Love? Dramaaaaa! We haven't been THIS excited about a multiple choice test since, well, ever. Plus, ANY opportunity we get to see Peter Vack onscreen is automatically good one. The films run through late April, so start watching here!

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