Mariah Carey Releases 12th Fragrance 'Dreams'

Mariah Carey Dreams

Mariah Carey in her Dreams fragrance campaign.
Photo: Via Mariah Carey's Facebook

If you don't already have a shrine dedicated to Mariah Carey in your house, you should start building that bad boy riiiight about now. The infamous singer not only KILLS it as an American Idol judge, but she's also, oh, I don't know, dominating the entire celebrity fragrance industry while simultaneously working on her next album. *hair flip* She announced last night on Facebook that she is releasing a new fragrance, Dreams, which will be available exclusively at Kohl's. But, um, you guys—this is her 12th fragrance. Read that again. TWELFTH. (You can see them all here.) *bows down* We don't know HOW Mariah does it (we'd run out of things we want to smell like at this point), but apparently making scents is a huge passion of hers. She told People StyleWatch, "I humbly call myself a ‘perfumer-in-training’ because I love it so much. Almost as much as I love making music!"

The Dreams scent will be a mix of vanilla, honeysuckle, and salted caramel apple (!!!) that will help tell Mariah's life story. She said, “The different scents derive … from childhood to performing on the world’s stage, to being in love, to feeling loved." Her perfume will start at $39 and hit Kohl's stores in April, but, luckily, to can stare at her dreamy, windblown, purple satin campaign image until then. (Props on matching the shadow to the dress, girl.) But tell us, will you be snatching up Mariah Carey's latest scent? Let us know in the comments below!

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