5 Things We Learned From Selena Gomez's 'The Look' Interview

A still from Selena Gomez's "The Look" video interview.
Photo: Courtesy of HelloStyleChannel's YouTube Channel

Somehow, by some celebrity magic, Selena Gomez has the uncanny ability to be simultaneously SMOKIN' hot and cute as a button. Perhaps it has something to do with her having the rich, dulcet voice of a grown woman while also having the babyface of a 15-year-old, but we'd venture to guess there's a lot of both bubbling under that sweet turned-up nose and ZOMG ALL THAT HAIR. This "The Look" video interview is kind of the perfect example of all of the above. Shot immediately following the very glamorously mature Harper's Bazaar cover shoot we saw drop yesterday, Selena and Bazaar's Laura Brown have a fireside chat about everything from Miss Gomez's own secrets to "luxuriant hair," putting outfits together, and what kinds of things she likes to see on boys. It's silly and adorable and we all want to be best friends with Selena, so we can raid each others' closets and practice over-the-shoulder smolder gazes in our new looks. While we daydream (dare I say, dream out loud?) about our girl crush lady date, peep these five fun facts we learned from the interview below!

1.) Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle may have indirectly inspired Selena's Dream Out Loud line: "I remember when I was younger, when I would go to school, I could never afford Abercrombie. I could never afford American Eagle, and that's what all my friends were wearing. I wanted to create a line that was super affordable. That was fashionable. That people would see a girl wearing and go, 'Oh, what is that?' Just to make them feel good. That's really where that kind of started, and I enjoy doing that."

2.) She really, REALLY loves flannel shirts and has 6 of them: "I counted the other day. I did because I thought to myself, 'I want to buy another one, but maybe I should could before I do that,' and I did. And I mean, I bought another one anyway."

3.) Selena and her stylist Basia Richard diagnosed her with a kind of split style personality: "I've worked with my stylist Basia since I was 15. I did my first music video with her, and everything that I wear is me and her combining our ideas together. We've kind of found a system, and I realized, or she realized actually, that I change my style when I do music, and I change my style when I'm doing film."

4.) Sel most admires the red carpet style of chic actresses twice her age: "Gwenyth Paltrow. I would never think to wear that [Tom Ford cape], but she does, and it looks bangin'! And Charlize Theron. She knocks it out every time."

5.) There are plenty of things Selena likes to see dudes wear. Drop-crotch pants do not make the Top 5: "You know what I really love? Cardigans. I like cardigans, and like, button-downs. Or like, a cute, old, rocker shirt with, like, I don't know, some cool sneakers. Or BOOTS. I like boots on guys."


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